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Welcome to Darkbox, a website dedicated to the Habbo scripting scene. We try to serve all information related to scripting, including downloads, tutorials, screenshots, and many more!


Comments & more

Updatez!! I had a little spare time so I decided to finish up the comment feature for Darkbox Urban, the original plan was to also include the pm system I was developing but I was not yet satisfied with the result so I left that out. I'm still uncertain if I'll finish the feature at all. 

So, you can now place comments under tutorials, downloads and tanji articles (dev and support pages). Which is pretty cool. I also did a few small changes in the User CP, it looks a bit cleaner now and I combined most pages there into one. 

I also uploaded a few new items to the tutorials section, more content will follow shortly after. I have a few weeks off at the end of this month so I am planning to finally add all older tools and tutorials to Urban.

Squiz on 05-12-2018 18:27

Still alive

It has been pretty quiet around Darkbox the last few months, due to a few reasons I won't bother explaining. Anyway, I have been pushing updates over time to the code base of Darkbox and I still have a huge backlog of cool features that are in development and are gonne be developed sooner or later.

Also, Arachis released a new working Tanji version which you can download if you click: HERE -- you can view the official release on Github HERE. I've also added the download to the Tanji versions overview.

Squiz on 21-09-2018 17:11

Plugin tutorials

Today I published five tutorials about how to get started with Tanji plugin development. You can find them in the development section of Tanji. It covers setting up a Windows Forms project as plugin and I explain how to use hashes, how to send packets, and triggers. Also I was building a CS furni spawner (pls not another one jeez..) but I lost intrest in it and I won't bother finishing it I guess.

I will probably release it anyway and add the source of it aswell, maybe its intresting to check out if you want to develop Tanji plugins. And I might do a few more plugin tutorials to create a tool similar to this one (or suggest something else). Another short note: I have exams the coming weeks so I won't be around much.

Furni spawner

Squiz on 23-05-2018 19:12

Quick updates

The current Habbo encoding functions are added to the /more page, I also changed the style of the old encoding page and it looks a bit cleaner now and is easier to use. Other then that I commited a few code changes and optimized a few things in the background. I will now focus more on writing Tanji development items and add more content to Urban. (oh and the board is also on the agenda)

Also alot of people registered since Urban has been open, and I am very happy with the results and site activity. Thanks everyone for the feedback and positive reactions, I appreciate it =D

Squiz on 11-05-2018 20:24

Registration is open!

After a long wait the registration is finally open! over time more content will be added to all the categories, a few cool releases are coming soon.

You can not sign in with your Board account so if you want to use Urban, please create a account at the Urban registration page. You can get verified at Darkbox Urban by linking your Urban account to your board account. This can be done in the User CP, there you will see the steps to get verified. Also be sure to check your spam folder if you try to activate your account, if you are having trouble activating or don't receive any e-mail please let me know at Discord.

I am gonna add the new habbo encoding to the More page soon (thanks José!) I might also write a packet analyzer and/or a packet constructor to create packets. And a few other cool things are also gonna be released soon.

Squiz on 25-04-2018 00:23
Enjoy the movement - Squiz & Giovanni Location: Darkbox Urban