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Welcome to Darkbox, a website dedicated to the Habbo scripting scene. We try to serve all information related to scripting, including downloads, tutorials, screenshots, and many more!


This is the frequently asked questions page, here are a few useful questions and answers listed. if you still have unanswered questions, please contact a Darkbox Staff member or Administrator, they can help you with more complex questions or requests.

What is Darkbox Urban R2?

Darkbox has been hosting a board, and introduced the Darkbox Urban theme a few years ago, this is the dark theme you are looking at right now. We posted tutorials and content on Darkbox Urban to serve the scripting scene with information. Darkbox Urban (the old version) was a static website, which means we had to edit the source code directly when adding new items or text. Now, in Urban R2 (the successor of the first version) is dynamic. There is a full CMS build into Darkbox Urban where staff can manage the website without editing the source. - Darkbox Urban will serve Habbo related content: downloads, tutorials, tanji plugins, information and more!

Are the dowloads safe?

We try to only serve legit downloads on Darkbox, but it can happen that a infected item slips through, but when we notice this has occurred we will take the item down immediately. Also good to note that some Habbo related tools wil be flagged as malware or trojans by a few AV's, these are false positives, since the nature of the tools are related to scripting and exploiting, this can happen sometime. For everyone there is the following rule: If you don't trust it, don't download it.

Can I help contribute?

Yes you can, if you are a regular Urban user (without any special role) you can click the 'upload' link in the top right next to 'help', there you can upload downloads, screenshots, and tutorials. Before these tutorials are visible on the Darkbox, they need to be validated first by a staff member, if the item is accepted it will appear online! - Your username will be visible as the uploader of the item.

How do you earn roles?

You can view the roles Darkbox Urban has if you click here. Or go to More -> User ranks. You will see when and how you can earn certain roles. When you reach a certain upload count, you will be promoted to a new role, it can also happen that you receive a role assigned by a admin or staff member.

I found a bug or exploit (in Urban R2)

That's good and bad at the same time, shame on me for developing a product which contains security flaws, and shame on you for pentesting my website without my permission! If you want to inform me on a certain bug, glitch, or security flaw, please contact me on Discord or send me a e-mail (in both cases, describe the steps to reproduce it) you can find my discord at my profile: Squiz

I have a cool idea for Urban R2

Input from the community is always welcome, I might do a poll in the future with a few features and you guys can vote for what should be added into Darkbox. If you happen to have a great idea that can be implemented into the website you can also contact me at Discord or using e-mail, then again, describe your idea in detail, and maybe I will create it! click here to go to my profile

Enjoy the movement - Squiz & Giovanni Location: Darkbox Urban / Help