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Welcome to Darkbox, a website dedicated to the Habbo scripting scene. We try to serve all information related to scripting, including downloads, tutorials, screenshots, and many more!


Useful links to other websites and more.


About - About Darkbox, who we are and what we do.
Squiz and Giovanni - About us.
Disclaimer - Our disclaimer.

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Habbo Encoding - The current Habbo encoding functions.
Habbo Encoding - The old Habbo encoding functions.
Harble API - Lists header data for different Habbo versions

Other links

The Darkbox - Darkbox's official Habbo group (.com)
Twitter - Darkbox's official Twitter page.
YouTube - An awesome video about Darkbox. Made by JorZs.
SnG Forum - Deadman's SnG forum (since 2007)
ShenkX.co.uk - Alex (Shenk) his website (closed)
Script-o-matic.net - Mike and Dominic their website (closed)
Enjoy the movement - Squiz & Giovanni Location: Darkbox Urban / More