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Welcome to Darkbox, a website dedicated to the Habbo scripting scene. We try to serve all information related to scripting, including downloads, tutorials, screenshots, and many more!

About us


A quick talk about myself, alright. I started playing Habbo back in 2006, got hooked on Habbo pretty quick and played alot. After noticing the scripting community my intrests in Habbo shifted towards there, and I started reading and following the latest developments. When I met Giovanni at the Habboleaks forum and inside Habbo, we decided we should start a community / website ourself (see below), so here we are! I currently study computer science and I want to focus on security more, maybe I will steer Darkbox into that corner as well, who knows.

Enjoy the movement!

The story of Giovanni

I met Giovanni when I joined the website Habboleaks in 2010/2011, it was a dutch forum for Habbo news, leaks, etc. I started talking to Giovanni and we quickly became pretty good friends. After a while we decided to start our own website focussing on the (Dutch) scripting scene, I usually did the technical part of running the website. Installing a forum, a blog, writing tutorials, etc. At a certain point, we found our ways in running Darkbox and together formed a very good and strong team. We spoke every day, worked on Darkbox and other projects, and even met in real life.

I was at work on the 5th of januari 2015 when I received a message from a friend, He told me Giovanni had commited suicide on the 4th of januari. At first I did not believe it, he told me once he might 'leave' the habbo scene and fake his own death. But after checking and chatting a bit more with the guy who told me the news, I knew it was real. Since I nearly spoke to him every day, I knew he had issues, he even told me a few years earlier he wanted to commited suicide, but decided not to do it. At the time he did it, he was having treatment for depression and a few other mental issues. He was fighting a battle and at a certain point he gave up hope.

I went to his funeral, spoke to his family and said goodbye to a great friend. He was a great guy and you could talk about anything with him. If you have any questions or if you want to talk about Giovanni, feel free to contact me at the Darkbox Board or in Habbo. You are being missed my friend. Squiz & Giovanni to rule the world!



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