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Welcome to Darkbox, a website dedicated to the Habbo scripting scene. We try to serve all information related to scripting, including downloads, tutorials, screenshots, and many more!

About Darkbox

Darkbox is a website related to the dark side of Habbo hotel: scripting. Darkbox started as dutch community in 2011 and grew to be one of the biggest scripting websites of Habbo at that time!

Darkbox itself is also known for hosting several succesful scripting events on the official Habbo Hotels. Well orginazed raids and special exclusive scripted rooms Darkbox has conquered Habbo for several times in the past. Taking over the Hotel and introduce Scripting to the unknown!

Inside the Darkbox Community our members can share their knownledge with each other and keep expanding it. Learning form each other and teaching it again to someone else. They share new founds and help each other with questions. But even for the non registered members Darkbox is still usefull for Habbo Scripting. It provides almost all the needed for the Habbo Scripters, tutorials, downloads and many more!

Darkbox.nl ~ Enjoy the Movement!



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