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Welcome to Darkbox, a website dedicated to the Habbo scripting scene. We try to serve all information related to scripting, including downloads, tutorials, screenshots, and many more!


A collection of screenshots related to Darkbox or Habbo scripting, some screenshots may have their own page with additional information about the screenshot. You can upload your own screenshots to be listed here to!

Darkbox related

Catbox 1
Catbox riot
Darkbox board 2012 #1
Darkbox board 2012 #2

Darkbox board 2012 #3
Darkbox fan art
Darkbox group room
Darkbox management
Darkbox photo frame

Darkbox scripting forum!
Darkboy: Desktop shoutbox application
Dutch group room
Frank shoutbox bot (2)
Gio's room

Green wall of doom
Hedi being a savage
Hedi being a savage (2)
How 2 download darkbox
I "Haz" regrets

RIP Giovanni (scripted photo)
Squiz and Giovanni
The Fireplace
The Fireplace riot

The Fireplace riot #1
The Fireplace riot #2
Unreleased army teleporter
uDied bot tool swastika

Scripting related 3

C# username
Custom trophy by Macklebee
Dynamic trophy (2)
Early photo scripting (2?)
Early photo scripting (done better)

Encrypted chat (AES)
Furni in void (1)
Grabber script (1)
Habbogram photo scripting
How tranparent photos started

Lock bypass (retro)
Negative max users
Photo scripting: Letterz (early version)
Sanbovir Eid Mubarak

Shane army
Staff likes scripted things
Sulake GitHub Admin
ads_background photo scripting
cripting is forbidden!

Scripting related 5

-6 credits
Bot outside of room
Butterfly PIB (1)
Butterfly PIB (2)
Customizing furniture using photos (2)

Decent PIB
Early photo scripting (done better #2)
Early visualized room models
Experimenting with popups (2)
Furni in void (2)

Furni partial in void + photo scripting
Glacier grouproom
Heaven PIB: Done
Heaven PIB: WIP
Lemon released

Matrix PIB v2: preparations
Messed up motto
Multi-player mimic
Nice PIB (1)

Room closed?
Scripted Habbo Trophy
Scripted room #3
Shenk's army plasto
Shoutbox extension

Shoutbox extension (2)
There are no bots

Scripting related 1

All-in-one gamble script
Another cool PIB (2)
Badge with 2 base parts
Blue Tanji
CS Furni spawner (Mobi)

Cool photo scripting
Custom gift
Deal with Macklebee
Free item bug (from bots)
GBot - Welcome

Habbo Nudity
Habbo Nudity (2)
Habbos Hellhole
Heaven PIB: WIP 3
Matrix PIB (1)

Nice PIB
Oldschool photo converted to new photo (3)
Poker script
SonicMouse mutant

Tandows extension
The start of Matrix PIB
Visualizing room models
uploaded by 77 on 21-08-18
uploaded by yoelvi01 on 12-01-20

Scripting related 4

(NSFW) experimenting with popups
Account register bot by Wes
Another cool PIB
Broken furni (retro)

Customizing furniture using photos
DB Skull photo
Decent PIB (2)
Early photo scripting (done better #3)

Early photo scripting (peanut)
Flash texts replace tool
Frank shoutbox bot
GBot paying off
Gnome script hack deleted my furni

HC Offers Extension
Habbo Forums Desktop Application
Heaven PIB: WIP 2
I'm a bug

Kiukk void (1)
Macklebee emailing me
Macklebee's copy of the 13th floor
Matrix PIB (2)
Matrix PIB (3)

Multi stack tile extension
NellyBot (2)
NellyBot (3)
Oldschool photo converted to new photo (1)

Oldschool photo converted to new photo (2)
Oldskool script
Photo scripting
Pikachu photo script
Rare screenshot of PacketCloud

Scripted room #1
Scripted room #2
Scripted room #3
Scripted room #4

Small PIB
Spam disconnect
Super7 (S7) gamble script
Telegok gamble script
Test LTD dev furni

The Thirteenth floor
The real question
Too much photo scripting
Trading LTD from 2 accounts
Trophy filter bypass

Ugly PIB
You want ban?
Enjoy the movement - Squiz & Giovanni Location: Darkbox Urban / Screenshots